Coming in 2020

Optimal Gut Health is no longer reserved for “the select few”.

Good Gut Health is for everyone.

Good Gut Health is available to you in this very moment…
all you need are the right tools to get you there.

I am excited to announce that my Gut Healthy Now online course will be launching later this year. This 6-week course aids to improve your digestion, reduce bloating, feed your moods & reduce stress.

Throughout this course, you'll be given the best evidence-based nutritional information in bite-sized chunks that is both digestible and sustainable.


I am so proud of this content and believe's that everyone should have these simple yet effective routines in their daily lives.

I suffered for years with IBS which left me somedays unable to walk. Both my Dr and my nurse had no real beneficial information on how best to support my symptoms.


If only I knew then what I know now right?

With ulcers and bowel cancer in my family history, I now have the tools to not only reduce symptoms of IBS and other gut health issues but to help prevent many of the lifestyle diseases that I thought I was destined to have because of my genetics. I have been IBS free for 5 years and now share these tools with my clients each and every day.


This will be the first time for me sharing my tools with a wider audience and I simply can't wait to get you all GUT HEALTHY NOW! 

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