And just like that our health becomes the most important thing!

I am sending you a massive virtual hug right now because I know that this current situation is impacting both you and your loved ones. Whether it’s emotionally, physically and/or financially, please take good care of yourself, stay safe and know that we are in this together. 


Amid the chaos, I have witnessed many cases of compassion. Notes of kindness through doors of the vulnerable and people connecting through sound on Italian balconies. And although it feels like a vivid dream, part of me truly believes that this experience can only make us better, stronger and wiser beings on the other side.

We are also learning that mother earth is purging.


An article by Science states that; The two months of pollution reduction has probably saved the lives of 4,000 children under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China. That's significantly more than the current global death toll from the virus itself. 

My mother would nag me as a child for ‘always seeing the best in bad situations’ but in times of woe, keep searching for the light because darkness can often be a lonely place, but light gives us hope. 


As social distancing becomes more real it feels like social media is finally bringing people together for good. To make the world seem a little smaller and so much more connected. For us to be able to learn from others in all four corners of the world, to impact, collaborate, spread love and a virtual sense of human connection.


I too found myself a little lost over the last few weeks. These feelings I first thought was just the effect of ‘bad press’ but the true extent of this pandemic has hit us all so much more than we could have ever imagined.

Support your immune system!

I have heard a lot of talk on exercise but not much on nutrition. With toilet rolls and pasta nowhere to be seen, I find it odd that immune-boosting foods-fruits and vegetables are still abundant in supermarkets.


Aim for greens on your plate daily.

Berries are high in antioxidants and often frozen is higher in nutrients.

Aim for x3 types of different veg per plate.
Increase your fibre.

Increase water intake.

Chew your food well to support your gut and immune system.




Make space for movement, walking, daily meditation and/or yoga.



If you are feeling waves of emotions (like me) I find it really helps to put these things down on paper as a way to release them from the thoughts.


Limit the texts and make that call.

Many of us find it hard to find time to call loved ones but hearing the voice of someone can bring a sense of connection.


Skype dates 

I've got my first one planned with the girls next week. Glass of red in hand. 


Creative family time

If at home with family dig out the board games and get creative. 



Get the favourite comedies out as we know that laughter is key to the soul. 


Keep learning

Books, documentaries or a new hobby. Schedule it into your day. 


Many of you may know, last year I made the decision to further my career within the health field but after hearing the news of all schools closing my initial reaction was WTF... After I calmed myself down I actually found myself feeling a greater sense of gratitude as I imagine so many of us are when realising what the most important things in life are.


Health is first wealth and I have always believed this to be my ethos because if loved ones are not here to enjoy it with us then what’s the point?

I am grateful for my health, a roof over my head and the ability to make delicious healthy food from little to no ingredients. I am grateful because I know that my parents are safe. On top of it all, I feel deep gratitude for permission to stay at home. ( Yes! ever felt the need to leave the house to please others?). I have come to terms with doing less and learning more over the next couple of months as I browse my bookshelves of untouched books and a whole load of ‘ Someday’ stuff. You know! the stuff that you leave for ‘Someday?’ The ‘someday after summer or that ‘someday after Christmas?’ Well, it's time to put that someday on the calendar and give it your 100%. 


This is also a time to create space for self-care. The anxiety I have been witnessing since going back to school is definitely something I didn't take into account. But one thing I always come back to is my practice as we all know we feel better, calmer, happier after movement or sitting in stillness. 

With many of us in the same situation, I thought what better way of connecting with others than through my practice? Which finally leads me to my Live classes. From yoga to meditation, I will be live streaming from Monday 23rd March and aim to bring a sense of connection with a sprinkle of joy in these times of change.


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