• May reduce anxiety and stress.

  • May boost concentration levels.

  • Promoting a healthy nights sleep.

  • Specialized wellness programs provide a solid return on investment

Introducing mindfulness to your employees working environment, can help to support their mental state, which can subsequently improve business results. Studies show that when businesses offer wellness support to their colleagues, they see a distinct rise in productivity.


The benefits of offering ‘Office Wellness’ to employees include; improved sleeping habits, reduced levels of stress and better overall general health.

Our aim is to introduce a simple, fun, and sustainable wellness program to your employees. At MsHolistic, we take pride in what we do and believe we bring much more than just 'wellness classes' creating a sense of community within the workspace allowing employees to feel #morethan an employee.

Mental health in the workplace

It can often feel as though we spend more time at work than at home. While work can give us purpose and motivation in life, for many people, work can be a highly stressful environment which can be a damaging place for employees mental health.

How Office Wellness can help you


It is reported that over half of all employees would say that their poor state of mental health, has a negative impact on their concentration at work. Whether it's having to send out an email by a tight deadline or preparing for a meeting with a new client, employees are often faced with high pressure and stressful situations on a daily basis.  

  • Lower healthcare costs

  • Building a culture of health

  • May elevate mood, energy and self-esteem.

  • Employee wellness programs may increase healthy behaviour and curb the risk of lifestyle-related disease. 

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