The F Word

Some of you may be thinking, OK! Why is fibre so important? what is fibre and where does it come from?

Dietary fibre is a plant-based nutrient that is sometimes called roughage or bulk. It is a type of carbohydrate but, unlike other carbs, it cannot be broken down into digestible sugar molecules. Therefore, fibre passes through the intestinal tract relatively intact.

But carbs are bad right? WRONG. In a previous blog I discussed the difference between simple carbs vs complex carbs. Fibre is found in complex carbs aka whole plant foods such as; fruits, veg, legumes, grains, bean, nuts & seeds.

FACT - Fibre is also the ONLY food that is know to feed your good gut bacteria.

Why is fibre so important? Well, in my opinion, the fact that fibre is the only food that feeds your gut should be a good enough reason as all diseases start in the gut. I have listed a few other conditions and diagnoses that can be directly linked to lowered rates of dietary fibre.

  1. Constipation/diarrhea- Normalizes bowel movements.

  2. Helps maintain bowel health.Lowers cholesterol levels.

  3. Helps control blood sugar levels.

  4. Helps lower risk of obesity

  5. Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes

  6. Reduced risk of Heart disease

  7. Reduced Cancer risk.

Some of you may be thinking "But I'm young, do I really need to consider cholesterol levels?" In all truth, yes you do, 100%.

We don't just wake up with high cholesterol levels overnight.

By adding more plants into your diet means you can worry less about your cholesterol levels especially if you're not feeding them in the first place.

Remember: Cholesterol is only found in animal products. So by eating more plants, you're supporting longevity by focusing on preventative medicine.


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