Live Yoga & Meditation Classes

I specialise in alignment and believe yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of your age, shape, strength or flexibility. My classes break down fundamental breathing and movement techniques that allow participants to progress at their own pace in a safe environment. The benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, strength and mind-body awareness. In addition to the physical benefits, yoga practice can assist in increasing focus and reducing stress levels. It teaches us to be aware of what we allow into our lives and bodies and what we choose to let go of. You get out of it what you put into it. Every time you practice can be different.

You will learn to listen to your body and give yourself what you need at the time.

All classes are via ZOOM

Prices: Classes are by donation which means you find a price that works for you (suggested donation £5-£10).

Rebecca Rose
Nutritional Therapist

Simone is a fantastic teacher. She teaches with such grace and encouragement, and cares about her students' needs. I've been enjoying her morning flows weekly, and her classes have kept me going through the highs and lows of lockdown. Thank you.

Jenny Polhill

I first met Simone wearing a multi-coloured jumpsuit teaching reggae yoga at Bestival Festival in 2018. This is where my yoga journey started however, it lacked consistency. I would practice on and off for a few months at a time and then restart. When lockdown first happened, I saw Simone was offering Zoom Yoga classes so I jumped at the chance. I started with sore wrists and hands from Carpal Tunnel syndrome which I informed Simone of. Fast-forward 3 months and the pain in my wrists have reduced, mainly because of this time away from work however, they're now stronger. I have also noticed that I am more flexible plus, I'm so much happier.
I have been joining Simone's online yoga classes 3 times a week for over 3 months now, and I'm loving it!


Yin & Yang Morning Flow - (Salute to the sun and wake up!).


Yin & Yang Morning Flow - (Salute to the sun and wake up!).

7:45 am -8:45 am

Let that sh** flow! - (Flow & Breathe work).

How to book a class?

1. Simply click here to make payment.
2. In your PayPal message type what class you would like to attend.
3. Within the hour you'll receive a confirmation link to your class.
4. Download the Zoom app.
5. Click the link in the confirmation  email 5 minutes before your class starts.

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