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Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide


Simone gained her credentials in Vancouver, BC at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN); one of the largest leading schools in holistic nutrition. Since returning home to the UK, Simone has put her education into practice with a growing clientele now following her unique brand of fun, enlightening and practical guidance.


Simone’s passion for nutrition and the power it has in healing began in 2008 when her father was diagnosed with MND, also known as ALS; a rare life-threatening condition attacking the neurons that control voluntary muscles movement. Simone quickly started looking into alternative therapies to help provide solutions.


This was where Simone learned to stop focusing on the symptoms and start looking at the cause. By focusing on nutrition, Simone learned that we are often capable of taking back control of our bodies and that not only can food be used as a key tool in preventing illness, it can also be crucial in reversing the symptoms of many illnesses.  


Her own battle with IBS since her mid-teens gave Simone a deeper insight into the power of the gut in both giving as well as taking away our health. Since discovering this wonderful not-so-secret fountain of knowledge, Simone has worked with clients all over the world guiding them through regiments that helped to reduce the symptoms of ailments such as Crohn’s disease, and depression as well as reversing her own IBS.


Simone aims to bring the knowledge that has changed her life as well as those of her clients to the world.


She wants to show that wellbeing isn’t simply about maintaining good physical health, it’s a life-changing lifestyle that will improve mental and emotional health through mindful eating, movement and living!!


So what are you waiting for? join the revolution.

MsHolistic changed my life!
Simone worked very closely with me to introduce healthier and more nutritious foods into my diet. Since then, my mood and overall sense of being has improved so much! She is the one that helped me approach yoga in a more gentle and
self-compassionate manner. I went on one of her yoga and nutrition retreats in Mexico and came back a new man! Whether it's food, moods, or yoga, Simone is my to-go person for all things health and wellness. For me, one of the most important takeaway lesson from Simone was to KNOW YOUR WORTH! Reach out and tell her Michael sent you! You ARE worth it!

— Michael Ianni, Praid PR