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…being able to enjoy your love of food without painful bloating, excessive gas or needing to run to the toilet. Imagine having more energy, less sugar cravings, pooping regularly (Yep! I said poop), increased energy levels, better quality sleep and finally understanding what your body needs to thrive.
That’s what happened to me.
Fad diets? Been there. Endless amounts of unsuccessful supplements and probiotics? Been there too. I am 7-years IBS free and have been helping others to support and build their gut health ever since! Today, I know what it takes to create bloat-free meal plans that not only help to reduce the bloat, but nourish and maintain a healthy microbiome which is where health starts - In the GUT.

Hello, I am Simone and I am so glad you're here! You are here because you’ve either tried everything or don’t know where to start, am I right?

You want a life rich in happiness and health but you don’t exactly know how to get it going. Nutrition overwhelms you; Dr Google only adds to the confusion. While you may not have any symptoms, you know you shouldn't be feeling the way you do.

Low energy levels, feeling heavy after meals or struggling to concentrate throughout the afternoons? Or maybe you have symptoms but feel lost and are drowning in an endless flood of contradicting nutrition advice and resources?

Don’t worry, you’ve finally come to the right place!

I’ve been where you are. And I’ve made it my mission to help people, just like you, to avoid the overwhelming parts of nutrition. I help you by sharing my tools, science-based resources and strategies that has worked for so many others just like you. Together, we’ll support your health with confidence, find a lifestyle that works for you and make your health goal a reality!

Here's my story...

I want to create a healthier and abundant environment within the workplace.


I want to take back my health and boost my overall vitality. 


I want to learn how best to support my body through yoga & meditation.

Holly Lubran
TV & Film Development, Researcher & Filmmaker

Since completing the Gut Healthy Now course, my clarity, focus, sleep quality and mental wellbeing has improved significantly. It's a real life changer!

Danielle Bolsey
Project Support Officer

My knowledge around how certain foods impact you both physically and mentally, has increased to a point I can make informed decisions and understand why my body reacts the way it does to certain food types! Through this, I feel so much better all round! Thank you Simone!

Emma H
Researcher & Designer

I took Simone’s Gut Healthy Now course and it has been amazing! Before this I felt really overwhelmed by all the information that is out there and struggled to make decisions about what foods I should or shouldn’t eat for my health. I really liked that Simone went through all of the common diets and explained them fully.Everything that Simone teaches is rooted in science and she has a deep understanding of really complex aspects of digestion and nutrition and their impact on your overall health. She explained things really clearly and the course will give you tips, recipes, & shopping advice so that you can basically take more control of your health. The yoga and meditation is amazing too so you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed for mindful eating.After doing the course I definitely have more energy and I feel more empowered with factual knowledge that I will take with me for my whole life, I’m also trying to influence everyone around me to eat more positively.Personally I feel that this course is a brilliant foundation on which to build good habits and nutrition. If you are thinking about taking the course then go for it, it’s an amazing investment for your health & future!

Karen Mann
Speech Therapist

I have always considered myself healthy, but the Gut Healthy Now course deepened my understanding of the role food plays so much. I have learnt to understand my sugar cravings and have managed to use the tools given in the course to manage these cravings and make healthy and well informed choices about food and health in general. I now experience significantly less bloating, more regular bowel movements, more energy, better overall mood and my sleep has definitely improved. I have stopped using Canderel after decades of excessive use. It’s a journey but I feel like I’m finally on the right path!

Dominika Prekstova
Personal Trainer

Simone has changed my life inside out. I have been struggling with IBS symptoms most of my life and they significantly worsen in my mid 20's . I have tried numerous diets, protocols and different approaches to balance my symptoms and some of them worked for a short period of time some of the didn't. Simone's guide has showed me not only how to manage my symptoms, but introduced me to new ways of eating, having a healthier relationship with food and show me how fuel my body without worrying about triggering my symptoms. I have felt significant reduction in my symptoms from bloating to unhealthy stool consistency in less than 4 weeks and even after first week, just by switching up breakfast to fibre rich one I have felt almost 80% better. Simple to follow, scientifically backed up guide not only about food but great introduction to how mindfulness, meditation and yoga helps to manage the symptoms and improve our overall health. Thank you Simone for teaching me and giving me tools for life which I can use to support not only my gut health but my overall health.


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